The Embodied Magic community is a low cost monthly membership that explores ritual, tarot, creative expression and movement through the lens of embodiment and reclamation.

It includes a monthly course, two monthly live gatherings and weekly journaling prompts.

It’s everything that feels good on my skin, true in my body and supportive to my path coming together.

You’re invited to join.

Hi, my name is Yarrow.

Four years ago I started Daydreaming Wolves as a personal blog to explore life and have a place to write. It quickly grew into a podcast, then into a place to share practices around folk herbalism, body work and tarot and then, with the help of some really wonderful people, into a community hub that supports everyone involved in reclaiming embodiment and a sense of belonging in our bodies and in the world.

When I started the membership program over a year ago I was knee deep in my recovery from a sexual assault and wildly (sometimes desperately) interested in finding ways to reconnect with my body, reclaim joy and sensuality and find peace. 

Being in community has helped me so so much and day by day working with plants, journaling and drawing cards has been a source of comfort and pleasure for me. I feel truly grateful for everyone who has joined in.

As a neurodivergent queer introvert weirdo I never thought I would create work and find community in such a comfortable, sweet way!

Our non-judgemental sense of exploration in a sweet framework with lots of easy to use tools and regular check ins is what feels most supportive and exciting to me in this work, so this year I am bringing even more of it in. In addition to the monthly package of inspiration and self-care practices there will also be two live circles as an opportunity to meet like minded people, write together, draw cards, take some deep breaths and slow down.

This is really important to me:

I don’t think that self-care is the solution to all our problems and I don’t feel that we have a purely individual responsibility to fix ourselves in order to become more productive members of society. This is about exploring what feels good, making space for curiosity and coming to a place where we can see our deep interconnectedness so that we can live in embodied solidarity and work towards the change we are collectively craving.

To me healing is always political. I am excited about bodywork, folk herbalism and witchcraft that is actively working to dismantle systems of oppression while meeting folks where they are at. I am hoping to create spaces in which we can share power, understand our own privileges, listen deeply, ask for support when we need it and center community, harm reduction and earth care.

Dear Yarrow, I wanted to send a quick note of my deepest thanks to you, for creating and putting out into the world your W Embodiment course. I’ve been studying tarot now for about 2 1/2 years (not very long, I know), and it has been such a core tool for my own emotional healing. About a year and a half ago everything aligned in a way where I discovered intuitive eating and the fact that there was even a choice in how I saw weight and my worth. Growing up as I did, I didn’t even realize you could opt out of diet culture, struggling against my body type for what feels like my whole life. So, I feel like you are bringing together in such a magical way all these different topics that are so important to me, weaving them together in a way to help me feel at home in my own skin. How could I ever thank you enough for that?


What you get each month

How I hope the Embodied Magic community will support you

My intention is to create a space and a collection of resources that you can dip into when you feel like it. There is no pressure to show up in a certain way and you wont be asked to buy anything to take part. The practices I am offering are generally easy to do and questions are always welcome. All content is over on Mighty Networks, which is a really cool platform away from the distraction of social media. Any time you log in you’ll meet like minded people and there is plenty of space to talk about and explore what’s coming up for you. It’s a supportive space that we’re all trying to make as inclusive and safe as possible.

There are three different ways in which you can join

Make a $9/$6/$3 sliding scale pledge on Patreon and get access to the Wild Embodiment Community

Buy a whole year of membership and get an audio recorded three card reading plus a Wild Embodiment journal via snail mail for $88 (13 spots).

Join us for a whole year and get individual support in the form of four sessions with me (one a season) plus an audio recorded three card tarot reading as a welcome and a Wild Embodiment journal via snail mail for $333 (three spots).

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