The Magic of Embodiment is an affordable year long online program that explores ritual and magic through the lens of embodiment and reclamation. It offers tools, practices and inspiration for soft folks who want to make their own magic, inhabit their bodies more fully, make new friends and learn to trust their own intuition. 

Each month you’ll receive a themed package full of self-care and exciting invitations: a tarot spread, a playlist, an audio recorded workshop with journaling and movement practices, a plant friend profile, a herbal recipe, a riff on a major arcana card from the tarot and a ritual suggestion. Every other month we’ll meet for a live online workshop to ask questions, share and create together. 

You can get access to The Magic of Embodiment by pledging $3, $7, $11 or $17 USD on a sliding scale on my Patreon. While this is a year long program, there is no commitment – you can join or stop at any time. Why is this so cheap? Because I want it to be affordable to as many people as possible. I believe that healing is political and that it does not have to be expensive. You are already enough, with or without this program. I am trying to find a way to make this work sustainable for me while offering something I deeply believe in, something that has helped me immensely. If you feel excited about this too, I would appreciate you sharing it!  

Why Embodiment?

I’ve decided to focus on exploring magic and ritual through the lens of embodiment and reclamation at this point in my life because it feels like the most exciting and important thing to do.

When I started to read the tarot I often just turned the cards, found a logical explanation for whatever was showing up for me and only engaged my mind. I guess given the culture we are living in this is normal. As a survivor I understand that our bodies are not always a safe place to be in and that it takes intention and healing to make them a habitable, safe and grounded home.

Over time I noticed that my tarot readings became more potent when I made time work with them in my body and to process things not just mentally, but with all of my self. I started to weave movement and plant magic into little rituals and played with scents, textures and music to explore the archetypes I was seeing. I really love the richness that can come from this play and would like to offer it to others too.

I also believe that moving towards embodiment allows us to explore many other amazing things – intimate belonging, speaking the truth, trusting our intuition and being truly creative. These things are making life not just possible, but beautiful.


When does the program start and end? Can I still join and do I have to commit to the whole year?

The program starts in October 2018 and you can join at any time. Once you become a Patreon you’ll get access to all modules that have been published so far, so you can catch up in your own time. There is no long-term commitment – so if your financial situation changes or you feel this is just not for you you can cancel your pledge at any time.

Do I need previous experience or any particular tools?

This program is for absolute beginners as well as for folks who already have some experience. I wont assume any previous knowledge and will make sure there is new and exciting stuff for you even if you have been working with the tarot for a while. You don’t need to buy anything in particular and when I do suggest herbs or other items I will make sure that they are affordable and not endangered. It will be useful to have a tarot deck, but you can also use a free app.

How much money should I pledge?

That’s totally up to you and I wont ask any questions. I think sliding scales are a great way to make work more accessible and I trust that you will chose a donation that’s right for you. You can also adjust your pledge at any time. If you like my work I would really appreciate you sharing it so more people will know about it without me needing to spend money on ads.

Want some mentoring?

That’s possible too! There are higher tiers on my Patreon that include monthly personalised card readings (this starts at $13) as well as monthly, hour long Skype sessions with me (this is $77). These Skype sessions can include whatever you most need – a tarot reading, some mentoring, gentle accountability, inspiration or just me listening to you. This would be a great option for you if you are in transition, you want to dig a little deeper or you know you’ll need some support. Remember it’s possible to cancel or readjust your pledge if your situation changes.  

My Approach

I want my work as a tarot reader and ritual maker to be as accessible, trauma informed and magical as possible. I wont ever prescribe anything to you, predict your future or tell you that if only you tried harder you would get better. I believe you are already beautiful and perfect and that you can co-create your future. To me magic as self-care is a way for us to learn to trust our own minds and our intuition, which I believe is something that patriarchy often prevents us from. In this sense I think that this work can be both radical and healing and a way to nurture our resistance.

I hope you will just take what feels right for you and leave the rest and that you are remember that you are already magic. 

The Values underpinning this program

I really care to make this work accessible, not just financially. There will be multiple ways of engaging with the material so that different learners can get something out of it and I am mindful not to suggest in any way that further, possibly expensive, purchases are necessary to take part. I love working with found objects, free resources, weeds, rocks and our imagination. If the suggested minimum donation of $3 is not affordable to you you are welcome to email me at and I’ll give you free access, no questions asked.

As a white person I also understand that it’s my responsibility to create an environment that is actively anti-racist and to question, challenge and dismantle colonial approaches to working with plants, magic and the earth. I might not always get this right and I am open to being called in. There will also be a resource section prioritising poc voices and I welcome requests to add stuff.

Another aspect I really care about is to make this space safer for survivors and to nurture body and gender liberation. I wont be sharing ideas based on a gender binary, I wont ever suggest you need to change anything about yourself or your body and it will always always be your choice alone which elements of what is being offered you will explore.

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