The Daydreaming Wolves Podcast

The Daydreaming Wolves podcast is all about self- and community-healing, feminist perspectives on the politics of healing, folk herbalism, trauma informed magic making, gender liberation, the tarot and generally living the dream. Sometimes it`s just me sharing my thoughts and sending you some love and sometimes I am having beautiful conversations with people that inspire me.

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Podcast #16 My interview with Lisa Nagel on Everyday Magic

This week I had my beautiful friend and business guide Lisa Nagel on the show - we talked about keeping it real, simple and magical and how we can learn through joy rather than just through difficult experiences. We also shared some rituals that are pretty...

Podcast #7 Full Moon in Libra Ritual

I am doing something new and exciting this year - each full moon I will share a little ritual and live tarot reading on my podcast. You can get cozy and follow along in whatever way works for you - I will chat a little about what is going on for me, what has inspired...

Podcast #5 Getting started with herbalism as self-care

If you are following me on instagram, you have probably heard me going on and on about how much I love plants and herbalism, hey? Anyhow, in this episode I am sharing even more about how I got into things, what I am cooking up at the moment, where I see the benefits...

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