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Hey, I am Yarrow.

By night I write about magic making, folk herbalism, community care, the tarot and my various feelings here on and by day I am a web designer creating intentional platforms for small businesses. I recently changed my name, so you might still know me as Sarah Magdalena. I am really into naps, feminism, mutually rewarding relationships with plants, kissing, little dogs and body positivity. I believe in magic as a radical tool for self- and community-healing.

My life goals are to spend most of my time in nature, to inspire people to nap more, to write cute/awkward poetry and some interesting books, to be the best mugwort lover I can be, to support survivors on their journey and to feel really, really soft.

 Blog + Podcast

Podcast #23 My interview with Jessie Susannah Karnatz, aka $Money Witch$ on alternative ways of doing business and having a magical relationship with cash

For this beautiful new moon I have the honour of sending an interview with Jessie Susannah Karnatz, aka $Money Witch$ your way! We talked about how she became a money witch, how she developed a powerful relationship with physical cash, how she formed a worker´s cooperative with fellow sex workers and how she managed to rebuild her financial and professional life after a divorce and an eviction. Jessie also shared some really beautiful and insightful thoughts on survival in late stage capitalism and how money can contribute to liberation in really tangible, practical and efficient ways.


Podcast #22 My interview with Asali Earthwork on tarot magic, rituals and representation in the tarot

Hey friends, I am so sorry for the slightly delayed full moon podcast episode! This one is super sweet and yet really powerful – Asali has shared a ton of beautiful insights about her own tarot, magic, creative and plant practices. I received tarot readings from her during some interesting turning points in my life and really, really loved her fierce yet gentle guidance. We also talked about the tarot deck reviews Asali is doing, why she cares so much about community and representation and how she came to create tea blends that reflect some of the major arcana cards. Enjoy! read more…

Podcast #21 A special solo episode for the winter solstice

Hey friends, this time its just me – tune in to hear about how I am celebrating the winter solstice and NYE, what my business and life highlights for the year were and what I am hoping for in 2018.

I am also sharing some ideas for small tarot rituals as well as herbal self-care and I am letting you know how you can receive Monthly Magic as well as regular tarot support from me in 2018 through my Patreon which you can find here:

read more…

Podcast #20 My interview with Rachael Maddox on sex after trauma, embodied healing and bad spells

This episode is really close to my heart and extra special. Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide whose work I have followed with joy and excitement for a long while. I believe with every cell of my being that her work is needed now more than ever and I am excited to share a bit of her with you!
Tune in to hear about our visions for collective sexual healing and trauma resolution, what we can do when old trauma resurfaces, the tenderness of starting over and doing intimacy differently and why we feel it can help to think of trauma as a bad spell. We also had a chat about the similarities between consent in sex and consent in marketing, how we can create fair exchanges and why somatic approaches to healing are so important. read more…

Podcast #19 My interview with Mary Evans on making decks and trusting your creativity

Happy new moon in Scorpio!

This episode is super special, especially if you are into making art and divination. Mary Evans of Spirit Speak talked to me about the magic of Joshua Tree, creating relatable, non-heteronormative oracle and tarot decks, reading the cards for ourselves and finding a place for your work in the world while capitalism is still a thing.

We also talked about learning to have trust and confidence in your creative expression when you`ve struggled at school and finding a way to balance running a business and doing social media magic with privacy and rest. read more…

Podcast #18 My interview with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener on living in moon time and honouring creative guidance

Happy full moon in Taurus you beautiful being! 
My celebratory gift is a beautiful interview with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener who creates the Many Moon workbooks that have had a big impact on my life and my understanding of time and seasons. We talked about writing for our past and future selves, being a teenage witch, living in moon time, the creative and self-publishing process of the Many Moon workbooks and nurturing consistency in our magical practices. Enjoy!


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