My most favorite of all babes,

I´ve been thinking about life and all my blessings a lot recently and also about you and about what it all means and how much I love you and how we can make things sweeter.

There are about 3648294 people I´d love to give christmas presents to, but sadly that`s not possible just yet. I came up with the next best thing which is a queer end of year/christmas give away.

How it works

You share this post on Facebook/Tumblr or my post on instagram (or both to double the magic) and then you fill in this form letting me know what you would like best. A person will then chosen randomly by the computer for each present.

Why it happens

Well, mainly because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and because I have been very lucky this year. I know the holidays can be pretty hard and I`d like to share some self-care love. These gifts are things that have helped me so much and I hope they will make you happy too.

Also, I really would like Daydreaming Wolves to grow and I could make that happen with Facebook ads or other paid stuff, but I would much rather give gifts to queers and share the love that way. In addition we`re supporting awesome businesses, so everyone wins.

I hope you will get what you need and more in one way or another, that there is always lovely food on your plate and that you feel like 2016 will be a good thing for you.

Gift One

The Alternative Tarot Course


Gift Three

Joy to the world Lush gift



Image from


Image from New Age Hipster


Gift Four

Self-Love tarot reading from New Age Hipster



Gift Five

None of your business shirt by Rudi Loewe



Image from Rudi Loewe


Gift Six

Healing from Trauma: A Survivor’s Guide by Jasmin Lee Cori



Gift Seven

Amethyst Necklace by Sinnus Finnicus






Image from Sinus Finnicus



Gift Eight

The Anxiety Solution by Bella Dodds



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