New year, new ideas, new challenges! I don`t believe in new years resolutions, but I have been deeply inspired by this blog post by Louise Androlia. There is so much power in thinking about and spelling out exactly what is non-negotiable to us, especially if you we are living with a memory of our boundaries being violated in the past.

So here are mine and I invite you to write your own, with fierce love for yourself.

  1. I do not spend my precious time around people that are unkind, closed off or hurtful.
  2. My mornings are slow and gentle to make sure I don`t loose touch with the night`s dreams. I will not let capitalism rush me, especially not before 10am.
  3. I don`t share my visions and ideas with people who do not have the capacity to believe in my ability to let them come true.
  4. I make intuitive, right-brain business decisions and I don`t take unsolicited advice from men who have never build a business before and want to know how my “little blog” is doing.
  5. I am only intimate with people who respect my decisions, my autonomy and my body.
  6. I will not limit myself by the collective fears that the advertisement industry has brought us.
  7. I am kind to myself and I make my health a priority.
  8. I share my blessings with my community.
  9. I don`t organise with people who see hierarchies in activism and contributions.
  10. I protect my right to say “no” like my life depends on it.

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