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The Magic of Embodiment is an affordable online Membership that explores ritual and magic through the lens of embodiment and reclamation. It offers tools, practices and inspiration for soft folks who want to make their own magic, inhabit their bodies more fully, make new friends and learn to trust their intuition. You can join by pledging $17/$11/$7/$3 on a sliding scale on my Patreon, cancel any time. 

I create custom rituals for you to celebrate, embrace and process transitions, losses, achievements, heartbreaks, commitments and intentions in your life. We’ll work together to create a special day for you to enjoy by yourself or with loved ones that is full of love and intention and that you’ll always remember. 

A Season of radical Love is a 33 day journey of daily meditation and journaling to support you in making time for the things that matter. You’ll receive a journaling prompt each day that explores your relationship to and understanding of love, your desires, gifts and hopes and the radical potential of showing up for yourself, the people you love and the communities you are a part of with presence and compassion. ⁣You can join by pledging $11/$7/$3 on my Patreon.

…by the way, I also offer web design, business mentoring and online marketing support over here

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