Are you craving a tarot reading you can play, dream and explore with? One that becomes your own little ritual because it gives you practical tools to explore what the cards mean to you? Then this might be for you.

In my experience the real magic happens inside of us – its not something that falls from the sky. To me tarot is a tool for self-exploration, a way of mapping out the next steps and making use of our inner compass. I don’t just want to read the meaning of a few cards to you – I want to create something for you that you can work with in your own unique way.

You have three options

Your reading will arrive in your inbox in the form of an audio file and an image of your cards – whenever you’re ready you can get cozy, light a candle, look at the picture and then listen to my voice. I will lead you through a short grounding meditation and then guide you through the reading I did for you. As we look at the different cards together I will mention some journaling prompts that you might want to try, I will encourage you to make a drawing or painting about what comes up for you (if that’s your jam) and I will suggest a simple ritual with some plant allies or folk herbalism recipes that I feel could support you on your journey. 

Becoming Magic Audio Readings are 33 to 55 USD on a sliding scale and will be delivered to you in 5-7 working days.

If you like we can also meet on Skype – in this case you can book an appointment and I will call you on the day at the arranged time. We can then do a grounding meditation together and pick a spread that feels right to you and that is meaningful either as a general check in or for a specific questions. 

If you like I can record our Skype session so you can revisit it any time. 

Skype readings are 50 to 90 USD on a sliding scale. 

This is an old fashioned yet very beautiful option – you get to ask a question through my form and I will write a letter to you describing the tarot spread I created for your individual situation. You will also receive a picture of your reading as well as a little crystal that I picked for you. I will also include some journaling prompts as well as a plant friend recommendation. 

Your letter will go out 5-7 working days after you requested it, but since I am based in the UK it might take a little while to get to you. In my experience the magic arrives just when we need it the most! 

Handwritten readings are 44 to 66 USD on a sliding scale.

My Approach

I want my work as a tarot reader to be as accessible, trauma informed and magical as possible. I wont ever prescribe anything to you, predict your future or tell you that if only you tried harder you would get better. I believe you are already beautiful and perfect and that you can co-create your future. To me the tarot is a way for us to learn to trust our own minds and our intuition, which I believe is something that patriarchy often prevents us from. In this sense I think that the tarot can be both radical and healing and a way to nurture our resistance.

You get to decide what feels valuable to you and you are invited to leave the rest. This is about you checking in with yourself and finding new ways to listen to your intuition, to nurture strong boundaries and to practice deep self-care. Through the sign up form or when we meet on Skype you can let me know if there is a particular area of your life that you would like to look at, but we can also do a more general check-in. The more time and space you make for your reading, the more impact it can have – that’s how we become magic.

Kind Words

Thank you SO much for this gorgeous, heartfelt, gentle but powerful reading.
I loved, loved, loved taking it in and am so grateful you took the time to tune in for me, send light.
Deeply nourishing.
Especially loved the journaling prompts and the herbal potion suggestion / recipe instructions. So helpful!
Bless your beautiful soul.
- Rachael

Thank you.
Thank you.
As I just posted on Facebook, you are magic.
Within a few minutes, I was grounded, centered, and felt like we were having tea together.  Within 6 minutes, I was teary; 10 I was weeping.  It was beautiful.  Sarah, you touched on things with such grace and directness, I can’t believe we haven’t known each other for years.  Your magic is real.  Thank you.   <3
- Catbird

Thank you so much for my reading. It was such a beautiful gift to have yesterday. I love your process and how you interpret the cards so sensitively. It all resonated with me and I feel much more hopeful about myself and my capabilities. It was a real reminder to me to connect with my body in kind, beautiful ways.
- Alex

I was very moved at so many points in the reading. I feel very nurtured and nourished. The reading was so accurate for where I am today and the journaling prompts so valuable for me to understand myself better. Deep gratitude for the love and care I’ve received here from you and your work.


- Priya Prabhakaran

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