Hey, I am Yarrow!

As an artist, writer, body worker and plant lover I support soft folks in reclaiming embodiment, intuition, a connection to nature and everyday magic. Being able to do this work really is my wildest dreams coming true.

My practices around folk herbalism, tarot, journaling, movement and creative expression are meant to support a trauma sensitive and accessible path towards body liberation, self-acceptance and community. If you like you can find out more about the custom rituals I am offering here

I care deeply about embodiment because I believe that our digitalised, fast-paced lives don’t leave enough room for connection, intimacy and community. Slowness and sensuality have become luxuries, especially for survivors and marginalised folks. I want to create spaces in which you can feel safe and seen so that you can explore what makes you feel good in your skin and excited about life.

To spread some love and inspiration I run the Daydreaming Wolves podcast for folks who are into authentic conversations about healing, unusual stories, everyday struggles and everyday magic. For those who would like some more guidance and space for self-care and ritual I am offering an ongoing program called The Magic of Embodiment that explores folk herbalism, tarot, movement, journaling and ritual through the lens of reclamation and embodiment –  you can get access by pledging $3 or more on my Patreon.

By day I also run a web design and tech agency named Yarrow Digital that supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms made to hold big dreams and beautiful communities. I specialise in custom made WordPress sites as well as easy to understand tech support and I also run a low cost DIY business training.

How I got here

I am a Scorpio with a Libra moon, Venus in Scorpio and Leo rising – definitely a lot of feelings over here!

My first book on witchcraft and healing fell into my lap on my 11th birthday, at a time when my body had already been on its first diet and experienced bullying, sexual assault and physical violence from peers. I cared a lot about what people thought of me as a teenager and struggled with sensory overwhelm, difficult romantic relationships and pretty low self-esteem. Honestly, it feels a bit vulnerable to write this, but I know I am not alone and I also know that these things have helped me become as passionate about embodiment and everyday magic as I am today.

In my early twenties I pursued pretty conventional career paths as best as I could because I wanted stability really badly. I ended up being an HR manager at 24 while studying part time and absolutely hated it –  I knew life needed to be radically different, but I was broke and I had no idea how to make it happen.

Later in my twenties I remembered the magic of reconnecting with nature, journaling and asking for guidance I had first come across on my 11th birthday, but it felt very abstract and I could not manage to ground myself in it. I was still in the headspace of wanting to learn fast and be super productive, but really the years since then have been a slow process of un-learning and remembering the things that feel true and magical. I most definitely already wanted to smash the patriarchy back then, but I was having trouble getting out of bed so that seemed like a lofty idea. What makes most sense to me now is to nurture our resistance against oppressive ideas from as many angles as possible, to remember our deep interconnectedness as well as the possibility of collective and individual healing. I want us to feel at home in our bodies and our communities. 

My work celebrates queers, trans folks, working class babes, people of colour, sex workers, people with disabilities and of all ages as well as survivors. You are welcome here and it matters to me that this space is accessible to you.

My little dog, who has similar ideas, is called Orlando. He luckily joined me on this path and together we are some kind of nap/self-care dream team. Other than napping I am really into autumn, trauma sensitive bodywork, exploring my intuition with tarot, reading weird books till 2am, drinking herbal tea, coming home to stillness and colour coordination, wearing velvet and having introvert adventures.

If you have any feedback do send me a message here, I would love to hear from you!

So much love,


Inspiration and qualifications

I have an MA in creative media and a BA in social science and creative writing, but honestly growing a small business has taught me much more.

I have also trained as a celebrant and in several body work and healing modalities such as yoga, breath work and massage and I am also a big believer in self-study and the magic of going into the forest at night to figure things out.

There are many, many people that have inspired me, so I will name just a few here – in the last few years I have studied the tarot with Vanessa Sage and Nancy Antenucci which really helped me be my weird self. Training in celebrancy with OBOD gave me a chance to deepen my skills as a ritual facilitator and magic maker, which was a really beautiful experience.

Currently I am also studying with the Herbal Academy, the Body Positive Institute as well as the Expressive Arts Therapy Institute. My heart beats fast for people who care for the earth and are working to dismantle systems of oppression in creative and healing ways – some that come to mind are Clarissa Pinkola Estès, Asali EarthworkRen ZatopekDori MidnightBeth MaidenJennifer Patterson, Julia Cameron, Meghan Jayne Crabbe and adrienne maree brown.

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