A season of radical Love

A Season of radical Love is a 33 day journey of daily meditation and journaling to support you in making time for the things that matter.

It’s divided into three parts, each lasting 11 days: Self, others and community.

You’ll receive a journaling prompt each day that explores your relationship to and understanding of love, your desires, gifts and hopes and the radical potential of showing up for yourself, the people you love and the communities you are a part of with presence and compassion. ⁣

It’s all about creating small daily habits that over time bring us home to ourselves.

You can Start this program any time and you’ll be able to join our Mighty Networks community as well as monthly group calls (first Sunday each month, 5pm UK time) to share your experience if you like. 

After becoming a Patreon please confirm in the welcome email that you do want to receive these daily emails!


When does the program start and end?

You can start the program any time! The idea is to work with one journaling prompt a day, but you can also go at your own pace. 

Do I need previous experience or any particular tools?

No! All you need is pen and paper. If you like you can also draw a tarot or oracle card each day to support your writing, but this is not a requirement. 

How much money should I pledge?

That’s totally up to you and I wont ask any questions. I think sliding scales are a great way to make work more accessible and I trust that you will chose a donation that’s right for you. You can also adjust your pledge at any time. If you like my work I would really appreciate you sharing it so more people will know about it without me needing to spend money on ads.

How much time do I have to make each day?

That’s totally up to you! I am inviting you to find a moment of stillness each day, but this can be as short as a few minutes. If you have more time and maybe even want to add some movement or build an altar, great! If not, also totally okay! 

What will I get?

When you become a Patreon you’ll receive a welcome email with all info you need to join A Season of Radical Love and/or The Magic of Embodiment membership. Note that in order to receive the daily emails for A Season of Radical Love you will need to confirm that you want them by clicking on the button in the Patreon welcome email. 

Once you join the program you’ll receive 33 daily journaling prompts, a playlist, three audio pep talks from me and the chance to join our monthly check in calls and our Mighty Networks community where we share what comes up. 

Want some mentoring?

That’s possible too! There are higher tiers on my Patreon that include monthly personalised card readings (this starts at $13) as well as monthly, hour long Skype sessions with me (this is $77). These Skype/Zoom sessions can include whatever you most need – a tarot reading, some mentoring, meditation, gentle accountability, inspiration or just me listening to you. This would be a great option for you if you are in transition, you want to dig a little deeper or you know you’ll need some support. Remember it’s possible to cancel or readjust your pledge if your situation changes.  

My Approach

I want my work as a tarot reader and ritual maker to be as accessible, trauma informed and magical as possible. I wont ever prescribe anything to you, predict your future or tell you that if only you tried harder you would get better. I believe you are already beautiful and perfect and that you can co-create your future. To me magic as self-care is a way for us to learn to trust our own minds and our intuition, which I believe is something that patriarchy and capitalism often prevents us from. In this sense I think that this work can be both radical and healing and a way to nurture our resistance.

I hope you will just take what feels right for you and leave the rest and that you are remember that you are already magic. 

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