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Hey, I am Sarah.

By night I write about magic, feminism, self-healing, adventure and feelings on By day I am a web designer creating beautiful platforms for small businesses and cool people who have a lot to say. I am really into naps, food, plants, herbalism, kissing, meditation, puppies, crystals, body positivity, books and activism and I consider my little dog Orlando the best creature in the world.

My life goals are spending most of my time in nature, inspiring people to nap more, writing cute/awkward poetry and some interesting books, being the best mugwort lover I can be and feeling really soft.

The Blog

Using the tarot to create alternative life goals

Babes, its the new year! Please don`t be fooled into thinking you need to loose weight, ok? You are perfect!

But it might be a nice time to sit down and take stock – what was the past year like for you? What was hard, what was beautiful and what will stay with you forever? What do you want more of? What will you leave behind?  read more…

Finding alternative ways to celebrate NYE

For as far back as I can remember I have always been a NYE grinch. There were a few good nights, but overall I find the conventional way of celebrating overwhelming, unnecessary and scary. The pretty things in the sky are kinda nice I guess, but the loud, messy street level stuff really freaks me out. It seems like an excuse to display fragile masculinity and to burn a lot of cash. Considering that a lot of our neighbours will have experienced war trauma I also find it highly inconsiderate.  read more…

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