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Hey, I am Sarah.

By night I write about magic making, feminism, community care and my various feelings on and by day I am a web designer creating intentional platforms for small businesses. I am really into naps, feminism, mutually rewarding relationships with plants, folk herbalism, kissing, little dogs and body positivity. I believe in magic as a radical tool for self- and community-healing.

My life goals are to spend most of my time in nature, to inspire people to nap more, to write cute/awkward poetry and some interesting books, to be the best mugwort lover I can be, to support survivors on their journey and to feel really, really soft.

The Blog

The “What the hell are my relationship needs?” spread

I’ve been missing a spread that would facilitate a really deep dig into what my needs in various relationships are, so I made one and I thought you might like it too. What sparked it was the slight overwhelm in the face of the infinite relationship possibilities we have in queer communities, but I really think these questions are useful in any kind of constellation. read more…

Podcast #13 My interview with Ren Zatopek on being a spirit worker and finding your own magical path

You babes are in for such a treat with this interview! I recently started Ren`s two year apprenticeship and absolutely love her undogmatic, enchanting, practical and flexible approach. We talked about her background, talking to plants and ancestors, working with the body and spiritual hygiene – it was a really beautiful chat and I am so excited to share it with you!


read more…

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