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Hey, I am Yarrow.

By night I write about magic making, folk herbalism, community care, the tarot and my various feelings here on and by day I am a web designer creating intentional platforms for small businesses. I recently changed my name, so you might still know me as Sarah Magdalena. I am really into naps, feminism, mutually rewarding relationships with plants, kissing, little dogs and body positivity. I believe in magic as a radical tool for self- and community-healing.

My life goals are to spend most of my time in nature, to inspire people to nap more, to write cute/awkward poetry and some interesting books, to be the best mugwort lover I can be, to support survivors on their journey and to feel really, really soft.

 Blog + Podcast

Podcast #31 My interview with Chanelle Bergeron on essences, vibrations and sweet morning rituals

Dreambabes, I am so honoured to send this beautiful conversation to you through the magic of Soundcloud and the internet!

The other day I received a reading from my guest Chanelle that left me feeling truly seen, more confident and empowered to untie some knots I had been playing with for years. I love her take on everyday magic and the way she works with plants, sounds and essences. Here is what we talked about:

  • Seeking magic out as a child
  • The morning as a sweet altar space for the rest of the day
  • Re-enchanting ordinary life
  • The magic of experimental sound collage
  • Falling in love with flower essences
  • Choosing a tarot card for the year

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Podcast #30 My interview with Jennifer Patterson on poison medicine, psychedelics and working with grief

Sweet friends, I cannot imagine a more suitable episode to share with you on the Scorpio full moon!

My conversation with Jennifer was deep, beautiful and full of gems about the following:

  • Supporting survivors with breathwork, body based writing workshops and herbalism
  • Working through grief and trauma while nurturing resilience
  • The creative process behind the anthology Queering Sexual Violence and why its so important to make support for survivors more inclusive
  • The power of being truly witnessed
  • Psychedelic experiences and how they can completely alter the way we understand our lives
  • Working with poison medicine

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Podcast #28 My interview with Amy Kuretsky on health and joy for our bodies and for our businesses

Hey friends, how is everyone doing and feeling?

I have a beautiful episode with my friend and dream babe Amy Kuretsky to share – honestly, this one is wonderful and covers such a broad range of topics plus very many giggles! Here is what we talked about:

  • Amy`s story with chronic illness and how she got into herbalism, acupuncture, breathwork and the tarot
  • Feeling healthy both in our bodies and our businesses and how that is deeply related
  • How we can learn from plants
  • How we try to stay connected to nature in winter
  • Why we think its important to ask plants for permission
  • How we are trying to make our work accessible through sliding scales and online offerings and still want to honour our own time and energy at the same time
  • Why we love tarot as a tool to express what we can`t quiet say yet

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Podcast #27 A solo episode celebrating 10k listens and three years in business!

Friends, we made it to 10k listens, can you imagine?! Thank you so much!

In this episode I just want to send you a really big thank you, tell you a bit more about my story and share some new things that I am currently working on.

Tune in to hear about how I started out in web design, how Daydreaming Wolves came to be, what I wish I had known sooner and what I am wishing for in my fourth year. (more…)

Podcast #26 My interview with Otter Lieffe on healing through writing and DIY media

For this episode I got to interview Otter Lieffe who wrote and self-published the incredible book of speculative fiction called Margins and Murmurations about struggle, sex work and time travel. As you know I think DIY media and representation are super important topics, so it was amazing to talk to her about the creative process and how healing it can be to imagine a different future for marginalised folks. We also talked about reframing PTSD, visibility, creating dignified working conditions for ourselves, community funding and the radical bodywork network. You can support Otter`s work and receive access to wonderful extras through her Patreon here. (more…)

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