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Hey, I am Sarah.

By night I write about magic, feminism, self-healing, adventure and feelings on By day I am a web designer creating beautiful platforms for small businesses and cool people who have a lot to say. I am really into naps, food, plants, herbalism, kissing, meditation, puppies, crystals, body positivity, books and activism and I consider my little dog Orlando the best creature in the world.

My life goals are spending most of my time in nature, inspiring people to nap more, writing cute/awkward poetry and some interesting books, being the best mugwort lover I can be and feeling really soft.

The Blog

Podcast #9 My interview with Vanessa Sage on walking the priestess path and loving the tarot

This week I had the honour to interview my friend and teacher Vanessa Sage! We talked about slowing down, being in community, rituals and self-care, feeling enchanted by life and political aspects of the priestess path. Its a great episode to listen to while enjoying some tea and cuddles with your pet, especially if you are interested in women`s spirituality and/or the tarot <3 read more…

Podcast #8 My interview with Melanie St. Ours on herbalism, chronic illness and plant initiations

I am super proud and excited to share this latest episode with you! I met Melanie St. Ours about a year and a half ago when I did a course on ancestral healing that she co-taught and looking back now I think that really was the gateway that got me into herbalism. This is a really beautiful interview in which she shared her perspective on chronic illnesses, asking for help, working with trauma and herbalism. Enjoy and check out her free Youtube series on the foundations of healing! read more…

Podcast #7 Full Moon in Libra Ritual

I am doing something new and exciting this year – each full moon I will share a little ritual and live tarot reading on my podcast. You can get cozy and follow along in whatever way works for you – I will chat a little about what is going on for me, what has inspired me this months and what I am hoping for and then I will share some recipes as well as ritual ideas and a tarot reading. This full moon is in Libra, so the focus will be on relationship, balance and forgiveness. read more…

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