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Hey, I am Yarrow.

As an embodiment guide and ritual maker I support soft folks in reclaiming body love, intuition, a connection to nature and everyday magic.

My practices around folk herbalism, tarot, journaling and creative expression are trauma sensitive, queer and body positive and as inclusive and accessible as possible because I believe that healing is political. If you like you can find out more about the custom rituals I am offering here

Authentic embodiment is one of my main passions because I believe that our digitalised, fast-paced lives don’t leave enough room for connection and community. Slowness and sensuality have become luxuries, especially for survivors and marginalised folks. I want to create spaces in which you can feel safe and seen so that you can explore what makes you feel good in your skin and excited about life.

I run free monthly webinars as well as the Daydreaming Wolves podcast for dreamers who are into authentic conversations about healing, business journeys, everyday struggles and everyday magic that can be delivered straight to your phone if you like. For those who would like to receive some additional guidance and support for making their own magic I also offer monthly ritual kits including playlists, journaling prompts, tarot spreads and folk recipes that you can get by pledging $3 or more on my Patreon.

By day I also run a web design and tech agency named Yarrow Digital that supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms made to hold big dreams and beautiful communities. I specialise in custom made WordPress sites as well as easy to understand teach support and I also run a low cost DIY business training.

Blog + Podcast

“The doors to the wild self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”

– Clarissa Pinkola Estès

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